Your modeling career can succeed or fail in direct relation to your level of personal investment


Don't worry "Investment" is not only a financial matter. It also includes putting real time into networking, researching poses and clothing looks in magazines blogs and fashion TV shows, and of course getting out and being on shoots.

Basically it means that you have to play an active part in your own success. Waiting for an agency to "find you" or expecting great photographers to book you because you're so pretty is just not realistic.


But this can be a very lengthy process, especially for new models that don't have any real connections in the local modeling market. Looking for agencies, trying to find photographers, learning where to find a hair and makeup artist, and then of course booking successful shoots can take months if not years to be really connected. That's too long when many models age-out of their preferred genre in just a few short years.

But one way to cut the process down from years to months, includes paying for photographers and hair/makeup artists that will produce only top quality images that represent you in the best way.

Yes, there are some good photographers willing to shoot for free/trade/test, but if it means shooting with 10-15 photographers hoping that one of them will eventually get you images that promote you in your best look, you're potentially spending unneeded time that could be better spent networking to get paid work.

My job is to produce images that show a distinctly commercial fashion feel - images that you might find in retail catalogs, and even some fashion magazines. I avoid projects that focus on odd themes or overly artistic genre's that are never seen in print pieces. If the project we work on doesn't support real fashion, then I am not the best photographer for you. It is my goal to provide images that sell you to agencies and their clients.

Why pay for a​

professional photographer

My rates vary depending on number of looks, locations, and expected duration of the project.


That being said, email me for

pricing. Let's get to shooting! 



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